Thursday, 15 August 2013

My Adelaide finale! Welcome to my personal photo album!

Sooo it's time for my finale wrap up!  Leitchy said it really well the other day, that what happens at finale, stays at finale.  I'm afraid he is right and some of it will in fact have to stay there ;)  But I
thought I'd share some of my favourite photos with you...56 to be exact!  This isn't actually that many considering that I took over 700! ;)

It was a great weekend :)  I had a ball, as always!  It wasn't without it's dramas though.  I was supposed to be flying down on a 6am flight on Friday, arriving at 8:30am with a group of friends.  As I stepped out of the car at Brisbane airport as the gorgeous Leisa dropped me off at the ridiculous hour of 4:30am, I received a text saying that my flight had been cancelled.....!

That caused a bit of unexpected stress and running around - I was subsequently rebooked on later flights.  I was now to fly via Sydney and then onto Adelaide, arriving at around 3:30pm.  And I was one of the lucky ones!  My friends were all on much later flights. :(  I missed out on climbing Mount Lofty
The push ups mini challenge!
and going to the markets which was annoying, but my friends had a full day of tours booked - it was really upsetting for them :(  So it ended up being breaky in Brisbane, lunch in Sydney and dinner in Adelaide!

It actually ended up really cool as I happened to be rebooked to be on the same flight out of Sydney as the gorgeous 12WBT team!  Crazily enough I was even allocated a seat in between them!  It was really lovely being able to chat with them - Heather, Gabi, Larah, Erica, Kim, Georgie, Amanda and more, thank you xxx

I was picked up in Adelaide by a new friend I had made on Facebook that morning!  Thanks Jess!  I just love that each finale I meet amazing new friends in the strangest circumstances - often by being picked up from the airport by generous 12 weekers.

After calming down at the hotel after a long day of travel, it was off to the pre-finale party organised by the SA Crew - and it was awesome.  It's so special to catch up with friends you grow so close to but only see every 12 weeks, and to meet new friends. :)

And the next day was finale day!!!  I was volunteering at the workout so I missed breaky with my beloved 30+ers :( but I had an awesome yet busy time working on Mini Challenges, timing / judging everyone doing push ups!  I had an awesome team, thank you for your
The gorgeous Dayna, Tanja, Bec, Cass & Anne-Marie
hard work Court and Amanda, and also to the 12WBT team who lent me a hand when things got really busy, particularly Amanda and Georgie!

Then Mish's workout.  OMG.  I wrote this on Twitter and I will say it again: I have been to finale in Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and now Adelaide, and this workout was my hardest yet.  And that's saying something seeing as I was 40kg heavier in Perth!  It was amazing - such hard work, but so much fun. :)

It was then a mad dash to the mall to find a bag for the party, grab some lunch to eat on the walk back to the hotel and the quickest shower/hair wash/dry ever, as I had to be in hair and makeup at 2:30pm.  My beautiful room mates, Zoe and Mish even went to buy my suck in undies for me while I was at the workout!  This saved me so much time and also just goes to show how beautiful 12WBTers are!

This is what I ended up wearing!
The party itself was also a stack of fun, as always :)  I was able to cheer on some very special heroes, including Cathy, Hailey and Emily - amazing girls - and to dance and have a ball with some fantastic friends.  Finale is SO much fun - if you ever get the chance to go to one, DO IT.

Back at my hotel room I had to have a shower and braid my hair into little plaits in preparation for my play that I was performing in the next afternoon.  That was the last thing I felt like doing at that time of the morning!  But I did it, ended up having 2 hours sleep and was back at the aiport.  As I stepped out of the cab, I received a text about a flight change....!  What the?  I was so panicked that it was happening again - I had literally one hour up my sleeve to play with - I needed to be back in Brisbane for my play....!  But all was ok, it was just advising that my flight was 1 minute early... ;)

And all was ok - I made my play on time :)  It was an awesome weekend - thank you everyone who was a part of it.  Can't wait to see you all at Sydney finale in just 12 weeks time :)  Hope you enjoy my photos :)


The sight that greeted me on Friday morning :(

Pick the one who's flight WASN'T cancelled ;)

Still smiling despite an unexpected 9 hour flight delay!

Finally on my way!

So excited to be able to catch up with Gabi, I was sitting right behind her!  I just adore her!


With the awesome Greg and Zoe at pre-finale drinks

Adore this woman!  The awesome Jules xx

Just me!

Court and I making sure the stick worked for mini challenges ;)

On your hands and knees and give me 20! ;)

In the hair and makeup chair!

It's so nice to be excited about what I'm wearing again :)

This was me!

Quick bathroom selfie!

With the beautiful Bella

Amazing friends Zoe and Mish xx

This girl is just a downright superstar - love you Bec x

My beautiful friend Paisley

The gorgeous Heather - love her!

And the one and only Mish! <3

With Gabs and Colleen xo

Court, Gabi and Kate <3

Bec, Dayna, Cass and me :)

With the lovely Fiona, Pais and Court!

This photo makes me laugh...yes, we were playing up to the camera!  She is fixing my bra for a photo <3

This was a cool moment: 'spray painting' that I've lost 40kg ooh yeah!

Beautiful Larah and Kim - two of the most lovely girls x

Godfrey rocks!  Just before this photo, I shook his hand and made a promise that I'd work hard this round!

With rock stars Cathy and Bella!

With the beautiful Emily - so proud of you x

With Sharon - having heaps of fun x

This is Laura and I think she is just beautiful inside and out xo

Fitting easily into aeroplane seatbelts - I don't know that it'll ever get old :)

Above the cloud on my way to Round 3...


  1. So glad you enjoyed yourself Kate despite all of the hurdles trying to get to Adelaide! Finale was awesome and it was so great to get to meet all of the amazing 12wbt-ers. My absolute highlight was getting to meet you. You are even more lovely in person xx

  2. Such a wonderful wrap up!! I wish I'd been able to make it!!

  3. Ahh your pictures are always so great! I'm so glad that I ended up getting a chance to say hi and that you had such a good time :) What a weekend!!

  4. Love your recap! Wish I had of been in a more *cough* sober state when seeing you! xx

  5. I constantly refer back to your blogs for inspiration I actually got to meet you after the Melbourne finale workout I wish I had more time...weren't so shy (kinda star struck bahahahaha) so I could chat to you more.

    Love the pics hoping I can make it to Sydney finale :)