Friday, 1 March 2013

Yesterday I went to a pool

I went to a pool yesterday. Like a public pool. And I swam. Last year friends asked me to go swimming and there was no way on this earth I would consider going with them- togs are not even on the thought radar but even wearing clothes, NO WAY - are you kidding me - people would see wet clothes sucking onto every lump and bump!!
Then I did the tri in October & made a fool out of myself in the pool, one reason being I freaked out putting my head under water because I didn't think I could breathe. So I made it as a goal this week to go swimming - no event, just at a plain old regular pool and take it slowly. I planned it for yesterday then talked myself out of it.
Then I just did it.
View from my car before I went in: so scared!
It was so unplanned that I went in the gym clothes I was wearing and I had no towel and saturated my car afterwards. I freaked out with having to swim under lane placers to get to my lane (breathing) but I did it and swam 500m no worries and could have kept going. I did my new stroke: Keep My Head Out Of The Water At All Times Breaststroke but it doesn't really matter does it? Then I made myself dunk under the water 5x before I hopped out.
I survived. And no-one stared at my wet clothes. Even if they did I wouldn't have cared because I felt confident enough to be there in my own body.
So different to last year.

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  1. So proud for you! It can get unnerving to put your head underwater. When/if you get tired doing breaststroke you can roll over to backstroke. Head is still out of the water and it uses different muscles x