Sunday, 24 March 2013

32km and a whole lot of stats

So I made this challenge for myself for my birthday: to walk 32km. I make weird challenges for myself, don't think about them until the day before then just go and do them. This goal was moreso a personal challenge for me: I've only ever walked or ran 11km before and I thought it'd be a 'nice' representative-y thing to do to celebrate my birthday. #yesimaweirdo

Well finding 6-7 hours free to fit this in proved a challenge - and I have put it off and put it off for almost 2 months now.  Until today.

I did it!

I mapped my walk beforehand and decided to tie it in with parkrun which I had planned to do today. I decided the 5km from parkrun could be included in the 32. I also wanted to try and get a personal best of 35min.-something at parkrun- or at least under 37:30. Yeah good one Kate - try and get a PB amidst a 32km walk? Well, I did it. I walked/ran the 32km and also got my PB. Such a big morning. Here are my stats:

The awesome Bron & Court
32: How many km's I planned to walk/run.

33.11: How many km's I ended up walking/running.

3:10: What time I got out of bed.

4:23: What time I left my house.

10:00: What time I thought I'd get home.

11:45: What time I actually got home.

7:22: Elapsed hours on my Polar including breaks, parkrun & traffic lights.

6: Breaks/times I stopped. Before and after parkrun, 2 sunscreen breaks and 2 "I need to rest" breaks.

1: Number of taxi drivers who stopped and asked if I needed a lift when I was walking in the dark :)

2: Number of girls I saw along the way who I haven't seen since school! 1 was doing parkrun...the other was drunk outside a club :)

5: The number of houses I walked past that I used to live in.

21: Approximately the number of shops/Churches/buildings etc that I walked past that I hadn't noticed before. You see so much stuff when you just walk. Interesting things just down the road from me that I never see when zooming last in my car.

4: Litres of water that I drank while walking.

0: The amount of times I needed to go to the toilet. A radiographer recently told me I apparently have some kind of supersonic bladder...

1: % of phone battery I had when I got home!

48:48: My first 5km run time in September.

41: My parkrun 5km run time on Brisbane finale weekend.

38:19: My Mooloolaba 5km run time from last weekend.

35:31: My time today baby!

2: The beautiful girls who coached my running towards the end of parkrun. Today was struggle street.

0: How many injuries I got!

2: How many arms now have a stinging rash from rubbing on my sweat damp shirt & backpack :(

2: The gorgeous friends / 12WBTers who met up along my 32km path and walked some of it with me - actually they walked a lot and I'm so proud of them.

1: Times I thought I might throw up while running.

16: How many times I was thankful my brother has awesome taste in music as I borrowed his iPod as mine broke in the triathlon water incident.

10: On a scale from 1-10 how much my butt, legs and feet currently hurt. Joking, but they are really sore!

3121: Calories I burnt!

91: Photos I took.

38: The number of which were selfies ;)

15: How many minutes it took after getting home to end up in an Epsom Salt bath.


So that's how it was! All done now. I'm not about to go and do that again- that was a special occasion for sure. I am really proud I did it though and of my 35min time.

I have to rest up now...the rest of the days activities involve sitting in my car, at a restaurant and at a theatre so it shouldn't be too strenuous. Which is good because tomorrow is a bit of an exercise filled day: Sunshine Coast Margie boot camp / Mish and Commando workout / 10km Brisbane Twilight Running Festival. Lucky I love it, huh.

Off to pick up my race pack for tomorrow...see ya x


  1. I was thinking about you today Kate, wondering how you were going.. .must have known you were out there being amazing!
    Your arms look super sore, hope they improve quickly!
    Total inspiration as usual!

  2. TEAR"S!!!!!!
    get some bepanthan on them arms for starts!!! (nappy rash cream) and air them as much as possible
    Honey, I smiled, I teared up and giggled at this post. You are so bloody awesome woman!!!

  3. Love it ... so inspirational, you rock :-)

  4. What an amazing effort Kate, well done, WOW!!!! So wonderful to meet you yesterday, you are such a beautiful person inside and out :)