Thursday, 14 March 2013

40kg lost, bandaged boobs and magic water bottles

Hey there...Just dropping in for a quick update on this week...all random stuff today...

My biggest news is I have now lost 40kg! It was pretty exciting when it happened! Every 10kg, actually every kg – is challenging for different reasons – this stuff is hard. So when you get to different milestones like this one, it’s quite overwhelming, but it’s a chance to step back and enjoy reaching that moment. No resting at this point though –I’m only just over half way and have a lot more work ahead of me. I’m now vying for the under 100kg mark! Can not wait!


My magic water bottle
In other vitally important news, I have found a magic water bottle. Seriously! :) I’m usually pretty good with drinking water, but I still don’t drink enough. I went out and bought two lots of water bottles that I thought would help me drink more....I blogged about it....I put reminders in my phone....nothing worked. And then I found this bottle. I don’t know what it is but it is working and I’ve been drinking my 3-4L a day plus more for training ever since I bought it. The reason that it’s magic, is it works for me. It’s massive (just under 2L), it’s cumbersome and my work mates tease me about it, but it encourages me to drink out of it and ultimately that’s all that I need! I’m starting to realise more and more that we have to do what works for us personally, otherwise we’re simply not going to stick to anything.

Dinner last night
I'm also getting better at listening to my body. This week I hurt my foot. It's painful to run, and now walk. I have a running event on Friday night that I've been looking forward to so much and have been aiming to get a PB at. So this foot thing is pretty frustrating! I learnt my lesson with my ankle though about how much injuries can prolong for so I wanted to do the right thing and not make this worse. I also wanted to make sure I can do the run tomorrow night. So as much as it (mentally) pained me to do this, I have stopped running for a few days. I'm postponing today's boot camp. I didn't go to running training. I changed my 12WBT half marathon training to stair climbs. This is Week 1 of my new training plan so it's pretty upsetting, especially when it comes to my slightly OCD created spreadsheet. I've also had a few more body/pain issues, (ongoing ovary pain and back pain and some bad random chest chafing that caused me to bandage my boobs yesterday!) so last night I was running out of exercises to do that didn't hurt somewhere.

So this morning I called off training and slept, to rest, instead. I'm proud of myself. Just two months ago I would have ploughed through training regardless, and potentially hurt myself more. My spreadsheet may not be perfectly highlighted but my body is more important. :) I'll see how I go tomorrow night. I probably can't (shouldn't) make my PB. But I'll continue to rest it today and see how I am tomorrow.

That moment when a picture makes you smile
My medal arrived in the mail from the tri. It was definitely not the same as receiving it at the event----the shine was completely lost. But I have to say it was kind of cool to see the picture on the medal...a cyclist, swimmer and runner.I loved my 1st tri medal because it was pink.But this one made me smile to myself...I never thought I'd be getting these kind of pictures on medals. I have plenty of theatre mask medals for acting...but triathlete ones? It's kind of cool. :)

Apart from that I've just been working on a few things. Things are a bit full on for me still and I'm working some stuff out. But in the meantime I'm eating well (some beautiful food this week!) and I'm now doing training that I love. My new plan forward has a lot more running in it, and some dancing and kickboxing: the things I love. I also didn't realise that one of my trainers was a run coach- we had a chat, have made some plans and I now have a run coach!

Princess Kate
I've been planning, chatting, listening, trialling, and to be honest just trying to get through each day. We might have some profoundness on its way soon but we'll see.

I'm also closing my Coco Girl Facebook page down as I don't use it much and it's pretty boring...apologies to those lovely people who have been liking it! You can still follow me here or on Instagram and Twitter:

Instagram: cocogirlbutter
Twitter: cocogirlbutter

Wish me luck for tomorrows run and for my next milestone: double digits (!) I’m a bit lost right now but I decided that while I’m lost I can still eat well, train hard, look after myself, and drink water.Out of my magic water bottle.
Love Coco xoxox
Boot camp selfies

Good food

My trainer gave me the shoes off her own feet!  So spoilt.  Best trainer ever x

I felt like stopping training early, lying on the floor and eating grapes.  So I did. ;)

Rice paper rolls - so yum!

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  1. I love your blog and look forward to each update. Lots I can really identify with, particularly "written by a fat girl's heart"

    This entry made me smile a lot ... you look so much happier in your current selfie.

    You rock!

    Best wishes