Sunday, 19 February 2017

Sunday night check in

11 days later and I'm still going strong šŸ˜Š

When I say 'strong', I haven't given up, I haven't binged and I've mostly stuck to plan.

And, following on from my previous post, I could really have named this post "How to lose 6kg in 1 week"...because I did! 

Obviously it was my body's result of utter shock of me not eating absolute crap 100% of the time!  First week weigh-ins are always awesome, but I think this one is my biggest weight loss in one week, ever.  I think I lost 6.3kg one week a couple of years ago - maybe - but otherwise this has been my biggest.  And it was exactly 6.0kgšŸ˜Š

It hasn't been a perfect 11 days, but when is a weight loss journey perfect?

I shared my daily ups and downs on Snapchat and Instagram stories, but basically to summarise for my blog, I just had chocolate on two nights and enjoyed my calorie free days on each Saturday I've had.  Other than that I've pretty much stuck to my cals.

I haven't done any exercise yet, for a few reasons I'll chat about in a later post, but that will come. One step at a time.

I did a 4 hour food prep last Monday night where I made enough breakfasts, lunches and dinners to last me for approximately 2 weeks.  Each night I've packed my lunch

Last weeks food prep

Last weeks food prep

Last weeks food prep
bag for the next day and doing this has, as always, been a saviour.  It'd be so easy to slip up without doing this.

My lunches
My calorie free days are awesome in the sense they help me not to feel deprived - I can have what I want - just on Saturdays.  And boy, have I gone to town.  They've been hard to come off on each Sunday, as I want to continue them, but so far I've jumped back each week.

The amount of crap I've eaten on both Saturdays won't do me any favours further down the track, once the weight loss slows down or plateaus.  I'm sure I'll have to scale it back at some stage, but for now it's helping me - and I need all the help I can get.

Being down 6kg so quickly (by the scales anyway - I'm sure a couple of the kg's were just water weight) is definitely encouragement to keep it up.  I'll check in after Wednesday's weigh in and let you know how I go.  In the meantime I'll keep chatting about the daily hits and misses on my other social media.

For now, I just wanted to let you know how I'm going, on Attempt #189354.

Love Kate xxoo


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