Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Bingeing, breathing and bouncing back

Hi hi!

It's Weigh in Wednesday today, and I'm down 1.8kg :)  So 7.8kg down in two weeks - woo!

I had a couple of nights of binges this week - both Sunday and Monday nights - so I'm happy I was able to still pull that off.  It's not luck, I think it's just biological, and part of it is that my body is still in shock as it's only Week 2.  Meaning yes, I ate crap for two nights plus my usual Saturday, but overall, because I've stuck to my planned meals the rest of the week, it's still better than I was eating a couple of weeks ago.  Whatever the reason, I'm very pleased with it!

Speaking of the binges, I Snapped about it all last night so I won't retell the story here.  But if you're interested in how I dealt with it and moved on, I'll be putting my Snap stories on my YouTube channel ...soon...when I get the chance.  I mentioned ages ago that I was going to do this, and I'm still going to - I've been saving all of my stories on my iPhone!  But I didn't realise that the way I was splicing and uploading them was really poor quality, so I want to redo the ones I already put up, and then of course I have to do all of the weeks since.

But... that'll take a while so I keep putting it off.😉  But watch this space!

Anyway back to the binge - the really cool thing is, I bounced back from it so quickly -
Immediate post binge Snap
Sunday night: binge, Monday night: binge -------- Tuesday and Wednesday (today): no binge.  I don't think I've bounced back that quickly before.  I usually allow it to linger for an average of 7 weeks.😉  It'll happen again, but if the bouncing back time is reducing, then I'm definitely moving in the right direction.

I had another little win tonight, I went out for a quick sushi train dinner with a friend.  It's my favourite sushi place and I've been quite addicted to going there over the last few months.  I've been going there for years, but I realised that the amount of times I've dropped in to get takeaway recently was getting a little epic when I went in and they recognised me and knew that I wanted takeaway.  So embarrassing....!  I've had that happen at so many food places over the years.  Once it was a sandwich shop, and the owner would start making my favourite sandwich when he saw me walking down the street - I went there that often.

Anyway, tonight I managed to hide behind my sunglasses and they didn't recognise me haha - which was helpful, seeing as we were dining in.

My usual 'sushi train plate' quota when I'm dining in is 5 plates.  I always order the
3 plates
same thing.  But tonight, I ate just 3!  It wasn't planned and I didn't overthink it, but I just tried 3, felt ok, and naturally chose not to have any more.  Such a tiny thing, but a step in the right direction.

Also as I type this, it's almost 10pm and it just occurred to me that I was supposed to prep my green smoothies for the next few days, tonight, as I had my last one this morning (the ingredients are prepped in the freezer - I just blend them up 3 or 4 days at a time to keep them fresh.

My first thought was "I don't waaaaaaaaant to."  It's not that late, but it wasn't on my list of things I planned to do tonight (well it was, I just forgot).

Post binge Snap
But in the next breath (thought), I told myself off and told myself to go and do it - it won't take long, and then I'll have everything ready to go for the second half of the week.

Food prepping is my saviour - I knew it was for weight loss, but I'm realising it's also just so helpful for convenience, meaning I don't have to think - it's just there.  I had a really overwhelmed day today - a mixture of things, but including some more bad news (seriously - can February be over already?  If you follow my Snaps you'll know some of it).

Anyway, apart from my food being prepped helping me, I'm trying out a new relaxation thing tonight to keep me centered and keep things in perspective, and it's working.  I'm drafting another blog post about relaxation etc. so I'll save the detail for then, but I just wanted to share that I've found some good tools recently.  And of course, breathing. :)

Slowly but surely, baby steps, one day at a time, all of those things...just gotta keep going, the best that I can.🙂

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