Wednesday, 2 November 2016

No more kale

Just checking in *quickly* (the astericks serve as a declaimer for my comprehension of the word "quickly") :)  But I'll see how I go.

So it's been 3 days of being back in the game, and it's going pretty well.
The end result

I've been sharing the basics of each day on my Snapchat story - thank you for your support on there already xo

Day 1 of my Snap story was mainly about my food prepping, so I had a valid reason not to film myself - because the focus was genuinely on the food...

Day 2 (yesterday) I surprised myself with filming myself speaking.  I have zero confidence right now, so I thought it would take a while to get me confident enough to be in front of the (video) camera again.  I also have a huge ass cold sore in the middle above my top lip.  Not nice.

I decided there was only so many inventive foregrounds I could do voice overs too, so I got over it (with the comfort of a filter), and turned that camera around.

Anyway - so the food prep...

Enough said.

Urgh.  I forgot how much I hate doing it.  And because it's been months since I last did it, it all felt a bit new and I really had to concentrate.  And I didn't even really actually "cook"!  I baked veges and blended smoothies, but other than that it was all about chopping and portioning.  It's not like I made some restaurant quality stir-fry or rice and veges combo!

It was shit enough just doing total basic prepping.  I ordered my groceries to be delivered between 3pm and 6pm, hoping they'd be earlier in the time window than later, but they came just after 5pm.  Which, of course, is what was promised, but it just meant a late prep.  I think I was in the kitchen from 5:45pm till 9pm, including cleaning up.  (I told you I was out of practise!)

I was also really tired from broken sleep the night before, so I was already grumpy and yawning.  I'd hate to have seen me actually cooking something!

I'm sure food prep is like riding a bike; next week it'll feel even easier and within a few weeks I'll have it down pat. 

I kept it simple and just prepared the same meals for breaky, lunch and dinner.  When it's food I love, having the same thing every day doesn't bother me.  And I love this food :)



Concoction A

Lately I haven't been feeling like breaky - which is so strange for me.  I've always had breakfast: as a kid, growing up, and especially the last 4 years of this weight loss game, it's just part of my day.  I don't know what's going on with my sudden change in not wanting it, so I decided to start having smoothies instead.

I love smoothies but never let myself have them, because I hate drinking my calories away.  If I have a smoothie, I want food that I can chew as well, so it's never been something I've regularly done.  So I thought this was the perfect opportunity to enjoy smoothies!

I've made some incredible smoothies in the past, mainly based on milk / yoghurt / protein powder, with fruit.  But I've been watching too many social media fitspo's drink their green smoothies, and I thought I should try and do that.

Do what?  I don't really know - and if you could see the real life colour and consistency of my smoothie's, you'll see evidence of that fact.  I didn't really think it through...I ordered my groceries in a rush and I think I just envisaged part what I used to make / part hipster green smoothie, and that it would taste delicious and look like the green smoothies all around me.

This is what I ended up throwing together:

It wasn't terrible, but definitely not what I had magically dreamt up in my mind.  I think the
main issue was was actually my first time trying it, and doesn't seem to blend too well, and it also doesn't seem to agree with my taste buds...or teeth!

The spinach and kale combo packs I bought ended up being 80% kale, 20% it was very much kale overload.  I think I'll stick to my beloved spinach next time, and try not to think that I'm a hipster...because I most certainly am not.


Eating drinking the brown-green green sludge smoothie the last two mornings have been a little bit of a mission, and I was only able to finish 2/3 of it both days.  So a bit more work is needed in the smoothie department!

I blended the smoothie's for Monday - Wednesday, and then portioned and froze the ingredients out for 3 more later this week, and I'll blend them up on Wednesday night.


Lunch is my amazingly yummy usual of avocado on toast, with crumbled feta, lemon juice and pink Himalayan rock salt.  I don't think I'll ever get bored of it.

I just had to portion everything with this - no cooking required on food prep day.


Dinner is my other recent favourite: self crumbed white fish, carrot and sweet potato chips, spinach and feta salad.   

I've been obsessed with making my own sweet potato chips for ages, but because I
wanted All Of The Sweet Potato, I worked out a way to slightly decrease it carb and calorie wise, so that I could have even bigger portions.  I cook up carrot into chips at the same time.  Once they're cooked they're such a similar orange colour that I literally can't tell the difference.  And because I mix them up, the carrot just gets lost in the sweet potatoI usually do 2 parts carrot to 1 part sweet potato. :)


My snacks are really uninventive this week: mainly just rice crackers and yoghurt.


So that's what I prepped on Sunday!  I have 3 meals I'm eating out (one breakfast, one lunch and one dinner), but I prepped everything else until this Sunday night.  I made enough of the dinners to last me through most of next week, too.
Carrot and sweet potato chips

It wasn't perfect but it's calorie controlled food that I love, and it's a start.  Anything will beat the bingeing crap that I've been inhaling for not only months, but on and off for 2.5 years.

The first few days have gone okay - I've stuck to the food other than forgetting that I had rehearsals straight after work on Monday (so couldn't cook dinner until 10pm, which I wouldn't usually bother with (and didn't); and then forgetting today was Melbourne Cup and that I'd RSVP'd to a work lunch. 

Neither were big deals so food has been going fine.

Exercise, on the other hand.

Sunday's are my usual Rest Day, so Day 1 was Rest Day which was conveniently awesome!

Yesterday though was the first day I planned to move my body.  As I said, I've made no plans, other than having a rough goal to do some form of exercise or moving my body for 20min. a day, 6 days a week.

Smoothie portions to freeze
As I was about to go and get changed to go for a walk, I realised I left half of my heart rate monitor at home.  I did pause, wondering if that was a reasonable excuse, but slapped myself and decided to go ahead without measuring it... :)

But literally at that moment, I realised how bad my knee had gotten during the day.  I wore (small, wide) heels yesterday which I never do, and I think that aggravated my already damaged knee.

It was coincidental timing, for me to realise how bad it was *just* as I was about to exercise, but genuine.

I limped to my car and I looked outside and it had just started raining.

Three things - message received.  So no exercise was done and I spent rehearsal with my knee up, reading my lines from a chair.

Today my knee was a lot better, but I wasn't sure what to do.  In the end I decided not to do anything today either.  The decision was probably 50% "I genuinely need to rest my knee and I think one more day will help"; and 50% "I don't want to exercise, so that other 50% sounds like a good reason not to." 

Unless my knee is really bad tomorrow, I'm planning on walking for 20min.  Watch this space.

Anyway this post is now a ridiculous length for a "quick" update, and it's now 1am, so I should click 'Publish' and go to bed!

I'm going to weigh in in the morning as even though it's only been a few days, I'm so used to weighing in on Wednesday's, so this first weigh in will just be a short week.

Chat soon,
love Kate xo

The best part of meal prep: when it's all done and you have a clean kitchen


  1. I'm so glad to see you back at it! Today is my day 1, take 35,789, x

  2. Hi Kate, have you considered doing a food delivery service? I've been using Lite n Easy for a few weeks and it's revolutionising my life! I soooo resented losing my Sundays to food prep, got completely out of the habit of it, and then just ate all the bad food all the time. Having it all delivered once a week and in the fridge all packaged up and ready to grab each day is keeping me on track. Congrats on getting back into it :)