Wednesday, 9 November 2016

5kg mark ticked!


Weigh in Wednesday today: I'm down 2kg. So 5.6kg in total so far. Very happy with that!

I haven't done any exercise other than my half assed attempt at boot camp last Friday. Excuses excuses but still: I just don't feel fit enough to do much, I've lost an incredible amount of flexibility and everything just hurts. I limp around the place and I just feel like this frump.

I found out on Friday a reason for some of my aches and pains though: heel spurs and Plantar Fasciitis! It makes so much sense now as to why for a while now, my feet have been in agony. The spurs came up on an X-ray I had in July. The guy doing my X-rays told me that my heels looked terrible but no-one explained in what way, and I didn't ask, because at the time we were worrying more about a broken ankle and knee issues from my fall at work. 

I finally mentioned the fact that I can't walk when I first stand up, and I'm in so much pain
that I actually call out (sort of moan in pain) (only when I'm alone haha!); my GP looked up the report and there we had it! Thanks so much to everyone who's offered suggestions and advice, I appreciate it so much.

So that's my reason / excuse for doing next to no exercise. The pain is so valid but I'm sure I could do something very small - but I also just have no drive at the moment.

I'm not beating myself up about it though; I'm just so proud I've stuck to my food for 11 days so far. That's my big thing. I haven't deviated and eaten crap (anyone watching my Snap/Insta stories tonight will be pleased to know that the chips are safely back in the
cupboard, unopened). :)

Inside my freezer at the moment. I haven't had prepped meals in there for so long. (Don't mind the apple crumble, it's been there for ages, it wasn't a recent purchase! And there's an entire tub of ice cream behind it, too). :)

I got some blood test results back yesterday as well and found out that I'm really low in iron. My report said something about Anaemia - my doc said that my iron levels are as low as an Anaemic, but my full blood count is awesome so I don't actually have Anaemia. She offered me hospitalised transfused iron via a drip (!) but said there's a risk that the iron could leak and make permanent brown marks on my skin, like a very ugly tattoo! What the? Or I could take iron tablets. Lol- I'll be doing the latter.

Anyway this is just a super quick (truly this time!) check in for me, I'll be back very soon to talk all things social media, my latest cook up (including perfecting my smoothie! No more kale or brown mush!), and my current crazy thing that I've been too embarrassed to talk about... and you think I've shared crazy on my blog before. :)

Lotsa love,

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