Thursday, 10 November 2016

Social media gone wild

For someone who's been quiet for so long, I'm as surprised as some of you are about how social media crazy I've been getting over the last 2 weeks.  It's only with my weight loss / Coco Girl stuff - unfortunately for now I'm still as hopeless as ever on my own personal social media accounts.  (Sorry friends and family!) :(

But I've relaunched myself right back in with my weight loss story, because that's something
My YouTube channel
huge that's helped me in the past.  Hopefully the gusto of which I'm posting will match the gusto of kg's lost!  We'll have to wait and see - but that, of course, is the goal.  Accountability and sharing my journey among like minded people encourages me along.

While I'm resetting myself up with losing weight, I'm trying to pick up all of the things that have helped me in the past and that I feel will work now.  I've dropped so many little things I used to do, because although they used to work wonders, I don't feel them anymore.  But social media isn't one of them!

If you've been following me on Snapchat, you'll know that I've been getting into my Snapchat Stories.  One reason I used to hate Snapchat was that I didn't understand why people would want to share photos and videos that you can't keep?  This concept was lost with me.  My nickname is Katie Kodak, because I love photos.  So sharing photos that delete after 24 hours...?  The mere thought made me ill.

That was, until I realised, that you can indeed save your photos and videos!  So now I love it!

This week I also worked out how to upload my Snap stories to my Instagram stories.  I had a couple of requests and while I'm going nuts with social media, I reasoned why not try another part of a platform I already love?

My YouTube playlists
Last night I also gave my YouTube channel a dust off, as I'm keen to add more to that.  I remember watching vlogs of people losing weight when I started my journey, and man they inspired me. So whilst my Snap/Insta stories aren't exactly vlogs (although I do talk a fair bit!), I thought these stories could be my vlogs, and I can keep them on my channel as a record.  I set up playlists on my channel, so you can easily find them.  The playlist is called "Coco Girl's Weekly Weight Loss Stories".

I did second guess my decision though, when after 4 minutes of uploading Week 1's video (which is 10 minutes long), I got trolled:

Seriously - I hadn't even finished publishing it (it had uploaded and I was just adding tags) - and this came through.  All I'm going to say is that I do not understand some psyche's - and I hope people like this get the help that they need.

So I'll see how I go with the YouTube stories thing - I'm not sure whether it's sustainable or if anyone would even be interested in watching them, but I'll give it a go for a while.

Confused?  I am!  So, apart from this blog, here's a breakdown of my current social media.  (I don't know how to make the logos smaller, sorry!) :)


Username: cocogirlbutter

I use this the most, sharing photos like usual, but now also upload my Snapchat stories to my Instagram stories.


Username: cocogirlbutter

I've just started using this regularly, usually posting daily stories.  My Snapcode is to the left.


Page name: cocogirlbutter

When I publish photos on Instagram, I automatically push/share the photos across to Facebook.  Personally I'm not a big Facebook user at the moment, so I rarely go on here, but try to pop on and reply to comments.


Username: cocogirlbutter

Like with Facebook, I push most of my Instagram photos automatically across to Twitter.  I rarely go on here, but try to pop on and reply to comments.


Username: cocogirlbutter

And again, like with Facebook and Twitter, I push most of my Instagram photos automatically across to Tumblr.


Channel: cocogirlbutter

I've had this channel for a few years (check out my old playlists), but for now am going to see how I go with uploading my Snap stories each week.  I've uploaded Week 1 so far, and will get to Week 2 in the next couple of days.

So, that's about it!

It looks like a lot, but through the powers of being able to share across platforms, I really only have to post on two of these - and they share to the rest.  Accountability is one thing, but efficiency is another!

Chat soon xo

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