Saturday, 16 February 2013

The best yellow dress I've ever worn

Here it is, my Week 12 Yellow Dress photo!!  Thanks everyone for following the journey of the yellow dress.  To be honest a lot of the success was you guys.  I made myself accountable here to make this happen and your encourgement spurred me on.  I can't tell you how exciting it was to be able to wear it at finale weekend.  I didn't end up getting a Week 11 photo as I had to take the dress to a dressmaker to repair the zip!  I had tried to pull the zip up one too many times it seems, as the zip holder broke off in Week 11.  Whoops!

All good though, the zip was reattached, the dress was ironed for me (!) and I wore it with so much pride on Sunday.  It's been a fun thing to do and so rewarding.  Some of my 12WBT soul sisters have started up their own yellow dress challenge :)  They don't necessarily have a yellow dress (although beautiful Maz does!) but they have something that they'd like to fit into.  Everyone should have a 'yellow dress'.
What's yours?

Thanks, yellow dress supporters :) xxoo 


  1. AWESOME! It looks like its already too big! Are you going to have a new Round one Yellow dress?
    I hope that I can have the obvious energy and enthusiasm come the end of round one when I don my goal outfit! A wide leg pant and halter number that is just "me"
    You're an inspiration Kate! Thank you!

  2. Well done Miss Beck, so what is the next colour dress for Melbourne? Will need to be something nice and warm down here in May.