Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Confessions of a box of Lindt balls

It's the eve before weigh in, and all through the house...

<Kate won't finish that rhyme because she has a severe phobia of animals>

But it is the eve before weigh in and I don't know that the scales will be very forgiving
tomorrow morning.

I'm forgiving, and that's all that counts!  So please don't read this as a 'dictated by the numbers' post or that I'm worried.

This is simply a 'I share my journey with you' and 'this is part of it' type post.  I always try to be as real and raw as I can.  Sometimes I definitely overshare😲 and while I usually share the majority of weight loss related ups and downs; if I blogged, instagrammed, facebooked, tweeted, snapped, tumblred (?) or youtubed every tiny win or every extra square of chocolate I eat, you'd literally never get to the end of my already-too-long posts.

But here's a little insight into this past week's food.  There's a reason there hasn't been too many hip vege salad or well angled chicken and sweet potato photos on my Instagram!

So this week has been not as "on track" as I stated that it would be, after weigh in last Wednesday:

After this weigh in, (which I was really happy with as I was expecting a large gain), I said how I was keen to see what I could achieve after a whole week of eating well, after 2-3 weeks of Christmas season frivolities.

Well, I will have that experience at next weeks weigh in, because this week has not been as straight as I envisaged.  

Wednesday was fine.  

Thursday was a real life version of this type of meme:

I shared a lot on my Snap/IG story, but basically it began with this...eating a large "share"...

...jar of chocolate covered sultanas with a spoon:

One chocolate covered sultana led to another; and this ended up being a real Snap cartoon version of my after dinner "snack":

 I posted this on Snap/IG story straight after:

Because it was true.  IF I kept pedaling.

However, Friday was almost worse.  

I proudly shared how I packed watermelon and my green smoothie for a morning at the movies with my Mum.  No popcorn in sight.  I was back on this!

But by night time, stuff happened, and simultaneously while texting friends and sobbing at my dining table (it's been a really hard week), I had opened a box of Lindt balls that I had bought...myself.  As in, bought for myself.  (Who does that??)  It wasn't like 'buying yourself flowers because you deserve them'...

This was because I'd eaten one too many Lindt balls over multiple Christmas parties, and decided that I wanted some all to myself.  And when I was in Woolworths in a mission to satisfy this new love; I noticed that a box was cheaper per 100g than a block.

So I bought a box.

I wasn't going to eat them all (not in one sitting, anyway).

But next minute:

I took a photo because I was so shocked.  (And besides, I take photos of everything).

A whole box.

Apart from a couple of ice blocks, I didn't go too nuts other than "the box".

Saturday is my calorie free day, so while I was allowed to go to town with food, I didn't go as crazy as I could have.  This was more situational though, rather than me being strong.  I flew to Sydney for the day to celebrate my Grandad's 90th (!) birthday💗.  It was a very long day and while there were cakes (plural) and chips and cheeses and all of that, I wasn't in my own home where I could have easily smashed down a weeks worth of food.  It was busy catching up with my beloved rellies I rarely get to see.

I still managed to eat my fair share of food though!  I had some pavlova...okay, two serves.  And a bit of this cake:

I tried my best with some things that day, such as breakfast, and ate this protein bar in the car on the way from the airport to the party, because I had it handy in my handbag:

But then on the way home, after landing back in Brisbane, my parents offered to go through a fast food drive-through for me before dropping me home.

I hadn't planned dinner, it was after 8pm, I was feeling lazy, I wasn't feeling great, and being Calorie Free Saturday, it wasn't hard to accept the offer.  I ordered this, and devoured it when I got home:

On Sunday I ducked into Woolies to buy ham.  And I left with ham.  And hot cross buns.  Yes, I'm a sucker for them, well and truly.  

My little emotional streak continued rifely on Sunday, so guess what I ate for afternoon tea?  And again on Monday?


I was back to work today after 2 weeks off.  While I brought my new lunch bag (in love!)... was only filled with a decent breakfast and snacks.  My lunch planning was a fail thanks to a furry avocado and later a green mouldy bread discovery.

I could have chosen something reasonable at lunch.  But..if you follow me on my Snap/IG stories, you'll know how much I was craving this particular salmon and chips meal before Christmas.  And guess what the fish of the day was today??

Despite the scales tomorrow and the rest of my week, this meal was worth every bite, after craving it so much a few weeks ago.

So there you have it!  My not-so-great food diary for the week!

The rest of the week I ate well, so I don't think it's going to throw me as much as it could tomorrow.  But last week I gained less than I expected, so it may all come out to play this week.  We'll see - we can guess, but never predict.  I'll be happy to maintain or put on as little as last week...

I'll share how I go of course as I do each week, but yeah, I don't know that it's going to be that self-commendable.

Here's to a (much) less emotionally taxing week ahead, and one where I can bring a little more strength and self control into my food intake.

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