Sunday, 29 May 2016

Touching base in May

Hello :)

Since my previous post, I've had a bit of an up and down month. Up and down in weight loss pursuits anyway.  To be honest, it's mostly been down in all other aspects.  But speaking weight loss, it's been a little more positive.
parkrun collage from yesterday

This is just a super quick post with just one photo because I want to go to bed but am keen to do a quick update.  I have heaps of photos to share in my next few posts.

So since 2nd May, my weeks have gone like this:

Week 1: -1.3kg
Week 2: -1.2kg
Week 3: -1.1kg
Week 4: +1.3kg
OVERALL: -2.3kg

So, it's gone okay.  Not exactly outlandish, thrilling weight loss, but it's still loss overall.  My eating has been mostly good, apart from this past week, where I've gone a bit haywire.  I haven't done my usual complete ALL or NOTHING thing, but it still hasn't been very strict.  I'm pretty sure I will put on weight this coming Wednesday, too.  The positive is that I've been making healthy choices in between - something I usually don't do.

I have been terrible at turning up to boot camp, or going for walks.  I think I've done about one of each all month.  I did however manage 2 parkrun's, yesterday and last week.  So exercise can definitely be improved.

I just did a check in of my 2016 goals, to see how I was tracking.  I started the year with 58 personal goals to achieve.  5 months down, and I have:
Achieved: 4
Been actively working on / on track: 20
Haven't started / need to work more on: 30
Moved / changed / deleted: 4
Added: 1
SUMMARY: 4 goals down, 50 to go

This post is a little random for me, just throwing some stats out there with not much storytelling, but I will expand in the coming week.  I have bits and pieces to update and quite a bit to chat about so I will be back soon - for now I just wanted to touch base. :)

Love Kate xo

Tracking goals in ugg boots tonight

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  1. Your feet look very cosy!!!!

    Well done on getting to the park runs. Your Mojo is looking for you :-) :-) :-)