Monday, 2 May 2016

Dog with a bone

So, it's Day 1...again.

I've been way off track for however many weeks, so I'm giving it another whirl.  I signed up for 12WBT May round, and I think this'll be my last round, at least for a while.  I've lived my
life in 12 week blocks for almost 4 years now!  You know when it's time to fly from the nest.  In the meantime though, I intend to put my ALL into this round.  So far, so good, although it has only been 7 hours (that I've been awake).

I went shopping on Saturday and stocked up on my basics to make my favourite meals for the first few days.  I put them in one section of the trolley, and all the junk I wanted to inhale before Monday came around, in the other section of the trolley.

I haven't meal prepped yet, but I'll do that later today (it's a public holiday in Queensland today!  Woo!)

I'm starting off slow with the exercise, as I'm so out of condition.  I don't need to smash myself from Day 1.  Far from it.  Instead I'm going to go for a walk each day.  Literally, just around the block, and slowly increase from there.  I haven't set time limits or distance goals or calorie targets, instead I just need to make sure I move.  I feel like Karen Gatt, the author of The Clothesline Diet (if you haven't read it, you should - I read it years ago and it's so inspirational).  She started off walking around her clothesline, as that's all she could manage, and she slowly increased it as she lost weight and gained fitness.
First healthy shop in a while

I'm heading back to boot camp tomorrow, too.  Since the end of January, I've only been going once a week or fortnight.  I do a very low impact version to everyone else, and adapting everything to suit my body, fitness and injuries.  Boot camp is Monday, Wednesday and Fridays (it's different this week because of the public holiday), so the plan is to walk on the alternate days, and get back to parkrun, too.  I need to put some effort into my goal of 50 parkruns this year, as it's already May!  My "meeting friends for Saturday morning breakfast so I'm inclined to go to parkrun beforehand" plan failed miserably.  I think I attempted this 12 weeks in a row.  I may not have done parkrun since January, but I have enjoyed catching up with a dozen friends and sleeping in!

Mindset lessons

I'm switching things up in the "extras" department, too.  This is really unlike me, but I'm going to pull down my pink sticker chart and not use my $ rewards jar.  I packed away my marbles jars recently, too.  I still wholeheartedly recommend these things, but only if they help.  They helped me so much over the last couple of years, but they're no longer serving me.  I don't get motivated by them anymore, and they actually feel like a chore, so it's time to put them away now.

I've had a really horrible couple of weeks.  Health / medical stuff wise it's just been one thing after another, and I'm truly over it.  This week alone, I had 7 medical appointments in 4 days.  Some other stuff has also been really hard to handle.  I've really struggled.

On a slightly related, brighter note, though, I did have a moment this week, in which was a big growth step forward.  I feel so childish to say it like this, but I really felt myself maturing with this thing.  

Side note: Am I the only one who sometimes actually recognises the exact moment when they mature in some ways?  Obviously we're continually maturing, and as an adult I should probably feel like I've reached some elitest level of growth, but I think we all know that it doesn't work that way.  But sometimes, with certain lessons, I recognise myself growing in the actual moment it happens.  Maybe I'm the only one... :)
Breakfast this morning

Anyway this life lesson was about me being like a dog with a bone.  I've always been that way.  I hold onto things and will not let them go.  As a teenager with my mum, this trait wasn't highly successful.  But as for my goals and dreams, it's been a pretty handy thing.  I will go after them and never give up, no matter what.  It makes sense how I'm today standing up for the 400'000th time, with a sense of ease.

But I realised this week that some things I have to let go of.  Not that I have to - but perhaps for my own worth, dignity and wellbeing, it's the better choice for me to make.  Sometimes. :)

Anyway that is a little off track!  But it's all to do with wellbeing.

I'll check in after Wednesday's weigh in.  I'll only have 2 days under my belt for weigh in this week, but I think it'll still be quite positive, as my body will be reeling from 2 days of no crap food.

Good luck to everyone starting up May round today, or restarting because it's a Monday, because you like the date or the name of the month; or because you're also like a dog with a bone, and you'll never give up.


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  1. Excellent
    I am not doing the 12wk but am getting back on track and my fitness is zip well close to that
    If you need accountability or anything give me a yell

    We got this