Wednesday, 2 March 2016


Just a mega quick post as I'm trying out blogging from my iPhone. I rarely do this as its so clunky and I haven't found a great platform to do so. So just a quick one for now! 

And I don't even have that much to say, other than today kind of sucked. It started when I skipped my morning exercise. I feel like shit because of it. I planned on going for a walk before boot camp, just my usual, and then parking further away from work- something I have conveniently not been doing lately.

I woke up at 4am and thought I could hear it rain. I checked one of my weather apps, and although I don't think it was raining at 4am, it said there was a prediction of a thunderstorm at 5am. I didn't want to go to the effort of getting up at 4am just to have it storm just as I start walking. I can't use my treadmill at the moment as I have a friend staying in the room where I keep that. So I decided to sleep an extra hour, and just get up at 5am for boot camp.

I slept through my alarm slightly, to the point I would have missed too much of boot camp to make it worthwhile still going. So I went back to sleep, slept a little too late again, and because I was focusing on the time of getting to work, I parked close to work without even thinking, so essentially skipped my third 'session' in a row! :(

I felt so annoyed at missing my exercise. I stuck to my food, but I had a headache for a lot of the day. Then when I was leaving work, a friend asked me how I went today (with the no DC), as we'd had a big discussion on it earlier in the day. I was so out of it and a bit dizzy again that I looked at her blankly and had no idea why she was asking me how I went today. She had to remind me of the no DC...I was so not with it.

Quitting Diet Coke and going back to eating well on the same day was quite ambitious. Although risky, I'm going to ride with it. That doesn't mean it's not hard though. :( The withdrawals from DC and caffeine are not fun, but the food factor is even harder - I can't comfort myself with half a tub of ice cream after a bad day like I could have just a few days ago. I had a bad afternoon which wasn't helped by not being able to binge on DC or food.

I don't know if I was actually hungry but when I got home or just annoyed at my day and frustrated I couldn't stuff my face, but I ate a 1/4 of a packet of cheese Peckish crackers. I turned the oven on to cook my dinner. I then said to myself I had no motivation or desire to cook, and all I wanted to do was eat the rest of the rice crackers. So I did. One packet of Peckish rice crackers as dinner - ahhh Kate.

Oh well. I'll just hope tomorrow is better. I know I have to put the effort in to get to where I want to be....but some days it's really hard. :(


  1. Hugs Kate, we all have bad days but it's how we shake them off and get over them that counts, i hope today was a better day. Good on you for staying strong with the DC even though you had a rotten day. I had half a pack of those rice crackers with hommus for lunch the other day so i completely get where you're coming from there. Pick yourself up and move on, today is a new day and we're all on your team xx

    1. Thanks so much Sarah <3 Sorry for the late reply but I have to say your comment really helped me when you first posted it. Glad I'm not the only one who loves the rice crackers lol! They're so good!

      Thanks so much for being on my team, you really help me xxx

  2. You are doing so well
    Did everything go to plan today .... No

    But you still didn't cave
    You rock

    Keep going strong soon these bad days will be a distant memory

    1. Thanks so much - you're absolutely right. I have to keep reminding myself that things will usually not go to plan, huh. Thanks so much for the support xo

  3. How are you going with the DC plan, Kate? It's so hard to break a habit like that, I know. Thank you for your honest and humorous posts. You're an inspiration!

    1. Hi lovely, your comment made me smile, as I was posting an update as your comment came through! :) Thanks so much for your kind words and for asking after me - I have a new blog post up for you which tells all! :) Thank you x