Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Day 1: tick

20 hours no Diet Coke, and counting.

Haha just kidding.  Yes, it's been 20 hours without Diet Coke, but I'm not counting.  I'm going ok!  I got faint signs of a slight headache around 5-6pm, but it didn't really eventuate.  I actually felt slightly dizzy, but that could be also my body crying out in shock because I had less food today, too.  I had plenty of food - but I cut out the bingeing crap today, so essentially it was a lot less food!

I weighed myself and did measurements today and it's pretty horrifying.  One day in a little
while I'll share my weight again, but for now there's only 1 other person who knows how much I've stacked it on.  The numbers themselves don't horrify me, it's the way my body feels when it's this size.  The number just labels how my body feels.  And it feels awful.  Ill fitting clothes is just the outer tip of the iceberg that is weight gain.  I'll slowly share other such stuff that I've accounted again, soon, too.

But yep - other than the 'almost headache' and feeling a bit faint for like 5min., I got through it ok.  Habitually I kept wanting to go to the vending machine, but it was just out of habit rather than craving, so it was ok.  I think cutting down over 8 weeks has been the best thing for me, as it wasn't a harsh shock today, physically or mentally.

Anyway, just wanted to touch base (in one of my shortest posts ever!) and to check in.  I
signed up for March Round of 12WBT today also, and that starts in just under 2 weeks.  That's just to keep me on track, but I know what to do and I'm already doing it. 

It's a little hard tonight food wise, but I have to remain strong.  I hate everything that comes with being this size, so if I want everything that comes with being smaller, I have to stick with it.

Day 1 of restarting (for the 452nd time) is a bit more crushing than Day 1 of starting.  Regaining weight is not fun, nor is having to lose it again.

But that's where I find myself, so I have to suck it up and put in the hard yards.  Again.

Love ya, 
Kate xo

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  1. Yay you've got this
    20hrs no DC is great

    As for your numbers it is just a line in the sand ... Somewhere to start from

    Can't wait to see your results