Thursday, 23 July 2015

My May Round results

Today was the final weigh in for the May Round.

And here are my final stats!
My May Round results

To take a quick snapshot straight from my Instagram post I just wrote up:

That pretty much sums it up!

Feeling proud is only a new thing though.  I only became proud and happy with my results yesterday, when I looked at the big picture.  I guess I looked at it and asked myself, did I genuinely try my best this round?

Letter to myself
And I absolutely did.  I've had a couple of rounds where I've lost more weight etc. than this one; but this round saw me have the biggest mindset shifts than I have had previously.  I was committed and I know that I worked hard.  I achieved all of my mini milestones and weekly challenges and changed things to suit me.  I went stronger with no stuff ups for the longest  than I ever have before.

I did consistent cook ups and had regular star stickers on my star charts. 

Early in the round I wrote myself a letter, and using this cool website: (thanks to Sarah.Z for telling me about it), I actually had the letter automatically emailed back to me on my nominated night, tonight.

It's too personal at this stage to share in it's entirety, but here are a few snippets from it that I thought I'd share.  The bottom right corner snippet really explains how I'm feeling the best:

"If you're reading this in Week 12 and have achieved what you set out to (or at least put in the effort to achieve it, even if you fall slightly short), then be proud, Kate.  Be very very proud."

And I did put in the effort. :)

Thanks so much for your support throughout May round.  There's plenty more to come as I'm still on this journey (eg. August Round!) :) so watch this space. xo

P.S. Throwback Thursday to my cook-ups / meal prep through the weeks: :)


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