Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Coco Girl...now on Facebook! ;)

Surprise, surprise, I have too much to tell you and not enough time to tell you in.  So I'll try and do little posts instead of feeling the need to ramble on War and Peace / Katie style for hours each blog post I do.... :)
My new Cocogirlbutter page on Facebook

FIRSTLY!  This post!  I have caught up with the times, and finally have Facebook.  I mean, I finally have Facebook for my Coco Girl adventures: I've had a personal Facebook for years - I'm not that bad.

However I am really bad at using Facebook.  Seriously bad.  I don't check it too often, I go through my notifications properly each fortnight, I'm terrible at RSVP'ing to events and I hardly ever read my messages.  I'm surprised I have friends on there as I am hopeless at using it!  I am trying to get better....

So Coco Girl wise, I did have a Facebook page for my Coco Girl adventures but stopped using it about 2 years ago.

But I get people asking me if my Coco Girl / transformation stuff is on Facebook, because they don't have Instagram.  

So...... I thought of a good solution for me: I push all of my Instagram posts automatically over to Twitter and Tumblr.  Ie., I don't actually (usually) post from Twitter and Tumblr, I use IG and my IG posts just get copied there.  So I thought I could easily do the same for Facey!  Just push my IG posts across at zero extra effort!  So a few months ago I transferred all of my posts to a new page: @cocogirlbutter

Even then, I've kept the page unpublished for a couple of months.  I've been too nervous to publish it.  This whole transformation journey has brought with it it's own interrelated confidence journey, in how much I've shared.  

When I started this blog, it was completely confidential.  I didn't post any photos of me and never said my name.

Soon after, I shared a picture of the top of my head....!  As in, a non identifiable aerial view!  Even that photo had me worried!

Shortly after, I shared my very first 'before and after' photo.  I didn't even have many readers then yet doing that almost made me throw up!

There was then a day when a family member stumbled across my blog.  They were completely supportive, it wasn't them that was the issue.  But the fact that anyone I knew in 'real life' had found it, well, I literally had a panic attack and was a sobbing, red faced mess in the toilets when I found out.  I wish I was joking.

Since then I've gradually made big head way in the sharing stakes.  Biiiiig head way.  Different stages of my journey has pushed my blog a little further out each time, and I'm a lot more comfortable now and have grown in leaps and bounds from the days where I only shared the top of my head.  Getting my Instagram account was a big step, and when Kate Does Life came out, well, that made things a little nuts.

But even though I've grown in confidence and bounded forward in huge steps, I still feel somewhat safe and protected in my own little blog and Instagram (incl. Twitter and Tumblr) world.  Facebook seems so much bigger and public.  I've never shared my transformation stuff on my personal Facebook - one day I might - but so far I haven't.  And having Coco Girl on Facebook brings it that little bit closer to 'my real world friends' possibly seeing my transformation adventures.  Any regular readers would probably never guess it from how I talk here, but I am actually a very private person.  I share so much and am always heart on sleeve open and honest....but it's still only a little portion of what goes on in my life.

But, I finally got the courage and hit the Publish button last night anyway, and am now on FB.  I've literally been feeling anxious since last night, because of it.  So silly when I think about how much I share on here and Instagram!  But, I guess, that is the point in case reason why....

Feel free to follow me, it will mainly just be my Instagram feed being pushed across, just sharing what I already do on IG, but on FB.  Three years after starting this journey, I've finally joined FB land....


It's one step at a time with everything for me, isn't it.  One step at a time weight loss journey wise, and one step at a time social media platform wise.  You can't rush these things. ;)  Well you can, but I don't seem to.

I'll make it there in my own time. xx

P.S. Thanks to everyone who's followed me on Facey since last night and for everyone's support across everything :)


  1. Ok so I am me a follower (stalker) on face book lol
    Do be anxious you are in control of how much you share and don't share

    Looking forward to following you over on favey too xx

  2. I love your blog, I stalk you on IG, Tumblr and here, and now I also stalk you on Facebook, yaayy! You are such in inspiration to so many of us and I'm so glad that you share even just a little bit with us. Its always great to hear and see how other people are going on their journey, the good and the bad. I have just signed up for my second round of 12WBT - the August round. I did the March round this year and lost 6kgs but ended up packing 3 of them back on between then and now! So bad. Anyway, onward and upward from here :)