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Pushing past unplanned avocado toast


Just touching base as we start Week 6 already! Crazy stuff.

So how were the last few days...

Weigh in

As expected, I didn't lose anything on Wednesday's weigh in.  I didn't gain either, which was good!  I was mostly ok about it because I knew that the non-shift on the scales wasn't through lack of trying: I had been trying and hadn't strayed.  So I knew it was just one of those weeks in between where my body's adjusting, or one of any number of things.  In saying that, I still did get a bit deflated on Wednesday.  I'm human!  I was having a bad day anyway and it was easy just to add a 'zero kg weigh in' to the days woes.

But importantly I haven't used it as an excuse to go and eat a Twix bar or packet of Tasty Cheese CC's.  Which inevitably is usually the start of my undoing.  Instead I've just kept
going.  I'd lost weight when I checked yesterday so I'm hoping it will stay that way (or continue) before weigh in this Wednesday!

On track

I finally made the 12WBT Cheeseburger!
I'm still on track.  I actually think this is the longest time that I have been 'on track' for in my weight loss entire life.  I ALWAYS fall down, constantly.  I stray, I binge, I stop training, I eat one lolly which turns into a 'going to town binge fest', I fail, all the time.  But I haven't fallen in 6-ish weeks (the whole round plus some pre-season).  As I've shared, as at last week there'd been just one day where I didn't hit my food goal, and one day where I couldn't be bothered to exercise.  

I've had days where I've been over my usual calories - for sure!  But each time were my planned 'calorie free' days / meals and I had planned and factored them in.  And I've had a few more rest days in addition to my 1 per week, but they've been due to injury.  But days where I *should* have been on track, well there's been one of each.

This week continued on a similar streak.  This week's sticker chart shows me:

Boot camp on Wednesday
Nutrition: 7/7 (am proud)
Training: 6/7 (will speak about this)
Sleep: 4/7 (my best sleep score yet!)
Water: 2/7 (my worst water score yet!  Gotta pick up my game!)


The downfall in my training was a bit annoying.  Again, it was Sunday (yesterday).  I'm really starting to see how much I struggle with exercising on Sundays.

Boot camp on Friday
Anyway, on Friday and Saturday, I was in agony with pain (O pain).  It wasn't bad enough that I was totally bedridden, I still got out, worked and did things, but it was bad.  It got worse as time went on; I was doing my cook-up and could barely stand up.  It was so bad I booked in to see a doctor.  I've had this pain for years, I don't resort to doctors for it.  But this pain was absurd.  I ended up just having to lie down for the rest of the day to help it.

I could only complete half of my training on Saturday because of it, which I was ok with.  I started thinking I wouldn't be able to train on Sunday either, and started I guess mentally preparing to not exercise the next day.

But it turned out my pain had gone by Sunday, so I could have exercised....but I was so mentally prepared not to, that I...............didn't.  One part of me says it's ok because I really needed to give my body that break.  But if I'm honest with myself, I could have still at least gone for a walk.  So I didn't get my sticker!

I'm really finding it hard with this pain factor: when I mentally prepare to probably not exercise because of pain the day before, I find it hard to then turn around and do it, if I'm ok by then.

Boot camp today
I did boot camp this morning and planned on getting to my calories burnt target with a hill walk after.  I started the hill walk but had to finish about 25min in as my knee started hurting a bit.  I just don't want to risk damaging it further so I stopped.  It's feeling ok now, so depending, I may get out there again later.  (It's a public holiday today!)

Meal prep

I was pretty impressed with my meal planning and grocery 'list' this week: I did it while
I love when my groceries look like this
driving!  Now before I start getting hate mail about driver distraction, I don't mean I sat there and wrote it down, I just thought about it.  

I was driving (to the doctor that I just mentioned actually) and remembered there's a Coles next to the doctors surgery.  I had 30min. to wait for my appointment, and I thought to myself how cool it would be if I could just get my shopping done in that time.  So, I started thinking about what I wanted for meals this week, and planned it in my head while I was on my way there.

This may sound boring, but I decided to have the same meal for breakfasts, the same meal for lunches, and the same for dinners.  I chose my favourite meals at the moment, so I knew
For the first time ever, I cheated! Do others buy it pre-chopped?
I'd be excited to have it each day.  It made my shopping 'list' very simple, and I got the groceries done in that 30min.!  

The actual meal prep took a little longer, but it too wasn't complicated.  I was particularly proud of this weeks efforts. :)


Carrots or sweet potato or pumpkin?  Who can tell?
Just on the food topic, I've started roasting veges once a week to use in salads and to have with dinners.  I drown them in spices and they're so yummy.  I usually cut them into chips and I'm used to using sweet potato.  What I've started doing is doing the same thing to pumpkin and carrots.  Thanks to the spices I use, I can't always tell the difference between each vege when I'm eating them with a meal.  Which is very handy, so I've now started limiting my sweet potato portion and increasing my carrots!  There's nothing wrong with sweet potato of course, and I don't cut out food groups, but they are still carbs, and when I'm having so much of it, I was looking for an alternative.  The carrots are working wonders.  It's like disguising carrots in the form of chips!

Weekly challenges

The weekly challenge last week was #12wbthydrate.  As I mentioned on my Instagram, replacing all soft drinks etc. with water is not something I'm ready for at this stage (I have a long standing addiction to Diet Coke) so I personalised the challenge instead.  Each day I had to replace just ONE Diet Coke with a herbal tea.

Tea...for one day at least
Monday went so well.  I took one of the many pretty teas out of my pantry and took it to work.  I made a chamomile and mint tea in my special princess Kate mug, and even Instagrammed the occasion. So impressive.

It's now next Monday and I haven't done it since.

Meal Prep Central

So I'm pushing the challenge to this week.  I'm determined to do this at least once a day!

Mini milestones

These are totally on track and have associated stories with them!  (Of course).  In the interests of blog post lengths, I'll leave those stories for my next post.

Avocado toast

Ah, this bloody avocado toast.  If anything was to be my undoing this week, this was almost it.

There's a place near my work that sells this incredible toast.  It's vienna (?) bread topped with avocado, labneh and dukkah.  It's so yummy.

On Thursday I brought something to work for lunch that I ended up not feeling like eating.  Around that time, I remembered that I wasn't going to be home till about 11pm that night, and I hadn't accounted for that in my meal planning.  My dinner needed to be heated in the oven and microwave and everything was at home.

I started getting tempted by the avocado toast.  I reasoned that if I ditched my non-exciting lunch and got the avocado toast instead, then calories wise, that could do me for both lunch and dinner, and I could just have a muesli bar later.  I let myself think this was a great idea, bought the toast, and enjoyed every single mouthful.

But my mindset after....that wasn't good.  I felt like I'd 'stuffed up' and had 'wrecked everything'.  I know how ridiculous that is.  I guess it was possibly the only meal in over 5 weeks that I hadn't pre-planned in advance, and it just threw me a bit at a time when I'm being super organised with my planning.  It wasn't a big deal, really.  It wasn't exactly binge material and I
See what I mean??
included the approx. calories.  But I still found it hard to deal with after....

I've had that "one thing stuffs everything up" mindset for 18 years now- and while I'm a lot better at it, I do still struggle.  This side of things is definitely still a work in progress for me.

I spoke to a friend that night and she reassured me it was fine...which of course it was....and i pushed past and carried on as per normal.  I'll keep trying to work on this.

Anyway ....I'll be back soon to update about my mini milestones.

Love and light,
C.Girl xo

Walk today

Grapes snack yesterday

My freezer

Week 6 meal prep

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  1. You are doing so well
    Your face is looking so thin
    You inspire me with all your food prep
    Keep up the hard work

    How did you go at the dr's .... Can they explain or help the pain??