Monday, 15 June 2015

Half way through #12wbtmayround

So many stories and posts to write!

For now though I just wanted to drop in for a quick update.  Haha not sure just how quick it
It's been a while between elevator selfies lol
will be - but we will see!

As of tonight, we're exactly half way through the May round!  Obviously my journey lies before and after a set round, too.  But the rounds keep me accountable and on track by helping me strive for consistency and reaching goals.

I'm still going well!  I'm just feeling so on track and just doing my thing and trying every day.

I'm a few days behind in my stickers so I can't share my 'scores' for this week, but I think it'll be pretty good.  At a guess I think I'll be:

Nutrition: 6/7
Training: 7/7
Sleep: 3/7
Water: 5/7

??  Lets see how accurate my guesses are in my next post.  I was determined to up the water this week, as I have no excuse not to reach my measly 3L daily goal.  The days I don't hit it aren't shortfalled by too much - I'm usually at 2.5L or so.  All I have to do is to make a little
Boot camp / Fight Club
more effort to get my 3 in.

Training wise I didn't have any days off by being lazy, which gives me my 7/7.  I did have maybe 1.5 days off due to injury but the other days I burnt so many calories that I think they would have covered the injury days! 

Food I was perfect all week, but last night I was a little liberal in my snacking, and I really can't say I was on track. So no sticker for yesterday!  It was easy again having all my meals prepped and ready to go - that process is still working wonders.  I haven't prepped Week 7's meals yet, I have a weird work week this week so will do it in a couple of days.  I have enough meals to see me through till then.  

Kitchen in the car
I had a few moments where I was extremely strict (and strong) this week.  Work morning teas, kids birthday party, people walking up to my desk holding brownies, catered morning tea and lunch at volunteer work I do, multiple meals out...  At one point a colleague wanted to me to share a jam drop biscuit (you know those yummy coconut ones from the Woolies bakery?)  I SO would have loved one, but I just decided it wasn't worth it.  I'm being so strict.  I hadn't said anything about the biscuits, she just decided I should share it with her.  I said no a few times, but she continued, picked it up, broke it into two, and handed me "my half", telling me I had to share it with her.  Those moments are hard: when someone's physically holding food up in front of you.  I did tell her why I was being so strict but some people don't really understand.

I got through it though, didn't eat the jam drop and my friend was ok..... ;)

And sleep - well that's a constant battle, but I faired ok, I think.  I really have to get a little more dedicated with that one...  One thing at a time.

Also, I found my Garmin!  I was so worked for a couple of days but has now gone back to registering the wrong heart rate.  I need to get it fixed as my failing HRM's are driving me totally insane!

My #12wbthydrate goal was ok: I can say that I gave it a good go, but it's just not for me.  (My
No excuses
goal was to drink one herbal tea a day).  I had a big fail on Wednesday with it that shows how unused to drinking hot drinks I am.  I went to fill up my mug, put it down for 30 seconds to do something, and was so off with the fairies and not used to holding hot drinks, that I picked my mug up, forgetting that I'd just filled it from the boiling water tap.  I picked it up as if it were empty, the boiling water spilled and I burnt my hand.  Doh!

I'm the First Aid Officer and I'd "first aided" two burnt hands the week before, so I was well practised with what to do!  It's fine - but yeah that was a bit of a fail.  I tried. :)

Herbal tea fail
Inspired by the success of my own mini milestone of walking home last week, I tested a new way of commuting, too, that will see me have more "incidentally planned" exercise - and it went well!  I explained my plan on my Instagram, so I won't repeat it here - but I'm really excited by it.  As I said, I may be being slightly ambitious, but I think I can make it work.  (I explain what it is in this post.)

I have so much to talk about re: running, but I'll leave that for another post.  Just quickly though, I did City 2 South today and it was just so special.  More to come!

That's about it in regards to a quick overview of my week!  I still have to chat about my mini milestones I've been doing, too.  I'll be back soon with more.  I just wanted to say hello and drop in....

717 cals at boot camp on Thursday night!
I've lost a little over 9kg this round so far: and I just want to keep it up and keep moving forward.  Picking myself up to get moving again has been one incredibly hard thing to do...and I'm really proud of myself with where I am at the moment.

So many more stories to come!!
Love Kate xo

P.S. It appears that I can write (fairly) short posts!  Go me! :)

Concentration :)

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