Thursday, 30 April 2015

#12wbtmayround Pre-Season

Just thought I'd check in to give a bit of an update on how my pre-season is going.

I'll be honest (as I always am!), but even though I'm starting my 13th round, I've only fully, 100% completed all of my pre-season tasks a few times.  I always have the best intentions..... but often I sign up.  I complete a few of the quick ones.  Then I just start the round and 'mean to' do the rest in the first week.  Then I get into the swing of the round and........... some of them just don't get done.  I really believe in them!  I wrote about this on the 12WBT blog, here.  And I meant every word that I said: I really believe in the power of pre-season.  But I don't always apply myself.....

But for the upcoming May round, I am on track, and have done 15 of the 18 tasks!  I'm really proud of myself!  I've felt progressively better and more motivated as I've worked my way through the tasks.
Walking in the rain tonight #noexcuses

As of today, I've done all but 2 of the weekly challenges, and the most difficult task for me, 'Organise and Diarise'.  Every single I round, I find this one so hard to do!  I can't describe just why: because it's also my favourite task!  I LOVE it.  So why do I find it so damn hard?  I've been so bad at organisation and keeping on top of things and correspondence for the past 3 years.  Truly, it has been 3 years, because I remember starting to slip up around the time my first niece was born, and today is her 3rd birthday!

I've improved so much lately, especially with my MCG Dream.  But I'm still not quite there yet, and my calendar is out of date, again.  I'm determined to do all of my pre-season, so I will get this done!  But my favourite / most difficult task may take a few more days.

I did my fitness test this morning, and my score is so disappointing.  I got 13. :(  I'm full of
injuries at the moment and I can't run (so had to walk my time trial), so I'm not surprised, but
Week 1 fitness test result
still, it's pretty bad. :(

As I said in my last post, I had originally chosen to do the Move program, but when the Week 1 plans got released a couple of days ago and I was able to read what the plans involved, I changed to Move 2.  I don't think Move was suitable to me - I'm injured but I can still do more than the Move plans asked for.  Move 2 looked more like what would be good for me right now, and I was excited to see that my fitness score fell into the Move 2 category!  It made me feel satisfied that I had made the right choice.

I tried on my polka dot dress for 'Operation Polka Dot Dress' for the first time, and this was the result.

Week 1 of #operationpolkadotdress


It can only fit better, right?  I have a new page set up (see the link at the top of the page, or here), where I'll upload my weekly update photos.
Lunching with a celebrity chef on Tuesday!

Other than that I've been doing well with food and exercise: I've been on track with calories both in and out and my water uptake has been great.  I've had a few temptations but have gotten through them; there's always temptations.  I've been preparing my meals ahead of time again and have customised my Week 1 menu, ready for next week.

I've been making little changes and putting things in place to get me in a good position for the round (and beyond) - check out my Instagram for an explanation of some of these.  One example is I brought an old pair of shoes to work today, to keep under my desk, so that I can do lunch time walks and not use the excuse that I forgot my shoes, as I sometimes do.

My goals / mini milestones are on track already too, without me having to do anything!  Thanks to me sharing my plans on my last blog post, a lovely Instagram follower of mine has offered to help me do my "Girl in Blue" task as she's a police officer, and a few 30+ friends are keen to join me for heaps of my other tasks!  I feel very lucky!

That's all for tonight, I just wanted to do a quick check in to let you know how I'm tracking with pre-season and the lead up to the May round.  I say this about every round, and I'm not ashamed to say it again: I really want to try hard and do well this round.  If there was one positive to stuffing up so much last year, it was that I got first hand experience (again) in the form of a stark reminder of why I don't want to be where I started (morbidly obese). 
Cheese tasting...another temptation this week

I got insights (reminders) into how that felt, just in case I had forgotten - and it wasn't fun.  It was a good lesson to learn, to keep in mind now, before it's too late, that I want to get to goal weight, and I want to maintain it.  Before then I sort of hadn't thought too much about the maintaining side of things.  I went nuts and was doing well with weight loss, then faltered because I had no insight into the longevity of this world.

I now realise that there's a maintenance part at the end of all of this. So now I'm continuing my journey, but now knowing that this is forever.  I've been going at this for a while now, I know, but I haven't given up.  I've just had to learn my lessons, as we all do.  And my biggest lesson is that the greatest strength lies in turning things around when you really didn't think you could.  The below quote sums it up so beautifully.

Love Kate x

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  1. Thanks for the update I look forward to them

    Proud of you with the shoes under the desk

    Be kind to yourself with your injuries don't get too upset if you aren't where you were
    Work on the mental as much as the physical

    Keep up the good work and the blogging