Thursday, 23 May 2013

Happy 12WBT Sign Up Anniversary to me!

Exactly one year ago today, I signed up for 12WBT....!

Best decision ever.

Bring on the next year xo


  1. Kate I put a similar pic on my blog! My happy anniversary was when I was in Melbourne for finale. Wow, look at you, what a year of hard work and achievement. Happy 12 months!


  2. WOW.. what a difference a year makes. You look stunning and from your blog posts have a totally new outlook on life.
    I´ve just moved back from living in Brazil for a few years and after stumbling across your blog online and seeing the way the 12WBT has changed your life, i think I will sign up for the next round.
    Only hope i can do even half as well as you.
    Your hard work and achievement are an inspiration. Congratulations on your journey so far :-)

  3. Congratulations Kate! You are one of my inspirations xox

  4. Amazing. Well done Kate. Just remember that everything you do, crazy or not (mostly crazy) is inspiring others to be better versions of themself.

    Keep up the good work.

  5. You have done a truly amazing job, so very inspirational!

  6. Congratulations - you have done so well in the last year. You look amazing. Its great to see all the amazing transformations from 12wbt.