Operation Yellow Dress

The original photos
I DID IT!!!!  

Read on to see how the adventure unfolded...
So there's this dress I own.  It's not a particularly special dress.  I bought it on sale from Harbour Town years ago with my Aunt.  We bought the same dress.  Kinda cute - we have never done that before :)  But that's all that's special about it.  I wore it a few times when I was a lot smaller.  It's Size 16.

In Round 3, I decided I wanted to wear it again, in Sydney (Round 3's finale).  I promised that I would wear it.  I made a big song and dance blog post about it and everything.  Here's the link:

Introducing...The Yellow Dress

I didn't make it.  How embarrassing. :)  I did end up wearing a Size 16 dress in Sydney!  But that was a flukey size.

So I am recommitting to wear this yellow dress, on the Round 4's finale weekend in Brisbane.  It's just a casual Summer dress, it's not 'the' finale dress.

But it's a goal I have.  To keep me more accountable to my goal and on track, I'm going to upload a photo here each week to show how close I am getting to the zipper doing up :)

Wish me luck!  Operation Yellow Dress Mark 2 is on.

WEEK 1 - 25/11/12

Pulling it as tight as it will go
No arm in the way

WEEK 2 - 2/12/12

Terrible sunburn this week :(  Pulling dress as tight as it will go

Someone finally learnt their lesson about being sun smart

WEEK 3 - 9/12/12

It's hard to find a good way to take these photos.  I thought I should start showing the gap between both sides:

WEEK 4 - 21/12/12 (bit late this week, sorry) :)

 WEEK 5 - 26/12/12 (again, a bit late sorry)

WEEK 6 - 31/12/12 

WEEK 7 - 4/1/13 (LOOK MUM, NO HANDS! It touches and clips up now!) :)

WEEK 8 - 11/1/13

WEEK 9 - 20/1/13

WEEK 10 - 27/1/13 IT FITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  See my new blog post for more on this :)

Yellow Dress in 10 weeks

WEEK 11 - 3/2/13 Ummm the zipper broke off because I had been pulling on it for so long!  So off to the dressmaker we went...

Ironed and ready to wear

WEEK 12 - 10/2/13 Finally wearing it - with a lot of pride :)

The final photo!  Week 12 :)


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  1. What a great idea! Do you mind if I steal it for my blog? I will credit you, of course!

  2. Hey Courtney, of course you can! Would love you to :) It's a bit of fun and definitely is keeping me accountable :) would love to see yours :)

  3. This is my all time favourite. Such a brilliant idea.
    Can't wait to see you running around in this dress.

    1. Thanks Kristy :) I'm looking forward to it too :)

  4. What a great idea! I might have to do the same! I have a great pair of shorts I want to wear, first photo will be them at my knees I think!

    1. Hey Sarah you should do this too! I've found it really motivating for myself and is another good form of measure to see how I'm tracking. Even if you start at your knees, that's ok :) Go for it :)

  5. Thanks Sarah! Please do it too, it's so much fun and so encouraging / motivating. You should definitely do it :)

  6. Oh Wow! Fantastic progress this week Kate! I'm sooooo excited for you and can't wait to meet you at the finale!

    1. Thanks so much Pink Penny, I can't wait to meet you either! And thank you very much for your support - you are always so encouraging to me and it means a lot xx

  7. That's just so terrific Kate! I'm so happy for you.


  8. Wow! Well done!
    Your arms look much slimmer too!
    I'm at the end of Round 4 as well, most of my work clothes are way too big for me now. I must admit that 12WBT is the best "diet" plan I've tried. I am actually quite sad that it is nearly over.

  9. Frigging Princess31 January 2013 at 15:15

    I just love you Princess

  10. Are you wearing this on the Friday night?

  11. Thank you for sharing your journey - you are such an inspiration. I cannot tell you how grateful I am that I have come across your blog.