Operation Size 10 Red Dress

My mission to fit into my goal weight dress!  A Size 10 red dress!  It's not my favourite dress ever, but when I started losing weight, I saw this in Myer and decided it was my ultimate goal dress.  It was Size 10, and it was red.  Perfect. :)  This is what I will wear on the night I get to goal weight - when I will be going out to celebrate. :)

This story is inspired by when I did this.

I have a little way yet to go, however!  So here we go...starting May Round, 2014:

May Round

Week 1:

It's so embarrassing to share this!  But I always keep it real...this is not a singlet...this is, the dress. :(  It's supposed to look like the picture on the left...I will get there

Week 2:

Not much difference in a week but I will keep going!

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  1. Keep going Kate. I feel you in that week 1 photo. I too have had a dress that fit similarly. Don't know about you but I balled my eyes out and chucked a hissy fit after I tried it on. Keep going. You're doing amazing. Look how far you've come since wk 1 of operation yellow dress. That's a huge accomplishment.