Sunday, 31 December 2017

'The new years spirit'

Happy 2018, love Coco Girl

Well, almost!  As I type this I have 24 hours and 27 minutes left of 2017.  (It's just after 11:30pm on Saturday 30th December here in Brisbane, Australia).

I just wanted to jump on here and wish everyone a happy new year in 2018.

I mentioned in my previous post that Christmas has always been my favourite day / time of the year.  But I realised today that for now, at least, it's actually the New Year that I love the most.

I never thought I'd say that, as I have had some of the worst New Years Eve's ever - they're way too awful, personal and inappropriate to even start to share here.

But it's not the "New Years Eve celebration" that I adore (or detest)'s the fact that so many people - so many, see so much hope ahead of them.  

Social media becomes flooded with images of sparkling numbers and quotes about hope and turning dreams into fruition, fresh starts, resolutions and new habits; and feel-good hashtags come out in full force, such as #hope #dream #goals #believe #newyearnewme and so on.

I know that for every pretty new year Instagram image there's a person who (fairly) turns their nose up at people who make resolutions and jokes about how gyms are full only for the first week of the new year.  I know that even the best intended resolutions often fall by the wayside, and that new habits can be forgotten before you can say "January."

But I personally find it so inspiring and I proudly put my hand up and say that I get caught up in the hype.  Other than the rallying of community and the outpouring of human kindness and generosity that follows tragic world events, when else do we see such an influx of people with a sparkle of hope in their eyes?  

That's what I love the most.  No matter what kind of year people have had, so many have the strength and hope to look forward to a better year - a better world - a better them.  Who cares if the success rate of new years resolutions is as low as the amount of people's New Years Eve plans expectations being met?

I love living in a world where individuals can dream of better things ahead.  As a human race, we need it.  

Each year is going to have it's ups and downs, and let's be real: the fact that it's January 1st and not December 31st, will not have any bearing on how far we're going to excel in our specific quests for greatness.  It is, in fact, just another day.

But where there's a sparkle in someone's eye, a glimmer of hope; there's possibility.  And that's how all dreams begin.

And I for one, am not one to squash that.

I have so many dreams for 2018 and have changed from previous years.  Gone are the days where I feel that midnight needs to be perfect, or I have to have my to do list in good working order, or my filing done before it's January (!)

Instead, I've alleviated my shoulders from perfectionism, and it feels amazing.  I plan on
My January book
focusing on my core values and checking myself on whether what I spend my time on is aligned with those values and what I want to achieve.  

I've removed pressure in that I no longer have '2018 goals', '2019 goals' and so on.  I just have goals.

To support me to achieve my gazillion dreams and goals, I plan to learn more, read more, move away from things that aren't serving me, and improve on my downfalls.  

I don't have rules, but I have acceptance.  Acceptance that I'm human and that I can only do the best I can do.

And I hope that however you see things, that at some point you can feel the 'new years spirit', too.

Whether you're a mad fan of goal setting and have your planners, diaries, vision boards, stickers and highlighters ready to go tomorrow night, or you simply have a few quiet dreams simmering in your mind... 

Whether you'll be spending the night in with a couple of friends and a cheese platter, or in a
Focus for the new year.  Less time wasting.
club, restaurant or waterfront with a million revelers and a few too many vodkas...

Whether you'll be sound asleep by 9pm; barefoot and holding your shoes waiting for a cab or Uber along with the rest of your city at 2am; or be woken up on the hour with a crying newborn...

Whether you see in midnight under fireworks or under your bedroom ceiling...

Whether you have a new years kiss or the comfort of a teddy bear...

Whatever your situation, and no matter how you feel your 2017 has gone; my wish for you is that you can at some point take a look around and see the hope that is in the air.  It's a rare occurrence, but if you look closely, you'll see that it comes out at least once a year: that sparkle in people's eyes.

And if you're not feeling it, as they say, if you can't beat 'em; join 'em.  Just give it a go.

And as for goals and resolutions, you don't have to change the world or move mountains on the 1st of January; or any time in fact.  Just be kind - to yourself and those around you.  That really is enough.

Wishing you each the happiest new year, and may your midnight wishes meet your hard work and make your dreams come true in 2018.


Coco Girl / Kate

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