Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Where for art thou been, Kate?

And breaking the blogging drought in 3...2...1...


I didn't want to look at the date of my previous blog post...but I did.  11th August!  I'm so not on top of that Rose!

But that's life, and here I am.  I have an unbelievable amount to say (hahahaha when have I ever not,) but to the point that as mentioned before, I have a list of topics and notes and random things I think of in my iPhone Notes, ready to blog about.  Stories I'm itching to tell. 

It's always hard to get back into the swing of stuff like blogging, when you've been absent for a while, so I decided I just needed to break the drought, come on here, and write something.  My love of my blog has never wavered, despite the irregularity of my posts.  And your reading or checking of it has also seemed not to waver - somewhere along the recent line I've hit over 320,000 hits!  I was gobsmacked when I saw that the other day.  So thank you.

There's sometimes reasons for blogging droughts, and sometimes not.  In this instance there has been stuff.  I just glanced at my last two posts briefly and realised I have no idea what I have and haven't updated you on.  Give me a couple of days, and I'll work out what I've shared already, and start pumping out my usual posts and stories that I've missed.

The feeling I got when I posted in August after another mini break was just so amazing - I really love blogging.  So let's see if I can keep this up and continue this feeling.

Love to you all: thank you for checking in despite my absence.  (On Insta as well - I've been quiet there too - and haven't personally been on Facebook for months, and my exciting new Snap account is a distant memory....for now).  But please check back in a couple of days and I'll tell you where I've been at; and where I'm at.

In a one liner summary as a prelude to my next post; I'm so unfit that I've halted all physical activity out of fear (and stubbornness), and I'm so overweight that it hurts to walk.  

Something's gotta be done.

See ya very soon - I PROMISE! Xo

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