Tuesday, 15 April 2014


...here I go! 

I'm copying this straight from my Instagram tonight, as it's kind of a significant part of my journey, and, well, it'll save me from writing it out at blog length.  It might be nice for you to have a short blog post to read for a change!

It's pretty hard to explain some things in tiny Instagram posts but I'll do my best. Like me, lately. It's probably been pretty obvious but I've been struggling lately. Biiiiig time. If IG didn't have a word limit, you guys didn't have a patience threshold, and I was actually able to talk
about it, I would explain it all. But instead, in a nutshell, some stuff happened, it took all my energy to cope, and that in turn made me struggle to push forward with my weight loss goals. I have tried to push forward regardless but I just couldn't, and as a result, my efforts this round, despite brave intentions, turned into a few false starts. 

But you know, these things happen; these rounds happen; nothing is awesome all the time. We learn every day and have to just do the best with what we have, when we can. My weight loss goals, and well, everything, have been pushed to the side and lately I've eventually hampered my own efforts. However I've sorted some things out and, feeling more positive, I tried again. 

You always have to try again. 

And, excitedly, I know I'm back on track. 

I haven't been very nurturing of Operation Home Run - it's just kind of been 'sitting there', only kept alive by the odd hashtag here and there. But that's about to change. I've spent the past week back on track - I feel so much better - and so much more hopeful. 

If something is causing you to stumble or hinder your best efforts, just ride with it for a while. Just accept it or fight it but hold on tight, coz you will get through the other side.

I've spent some time reassessing my goals and I have a pretty clear view (which could change!) of where to from now. I'll share my ups and downs as always - 18 weeks to go till my *planned but we'll see how my body goes* goal weight! Thanks for your support :)

I'll post up my new goals and stuff I'm doing soon!  Love Coco Girl xo

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  1. Glad to hear you are feeling more positive & have reassessed your goals. You have come such a long way!! Be kind to yourself.

    PS hope you don't mind but I've nominated your blog for an award....