Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Happy 1 year of running to me!

So running, huh?


Bridge to Brisbane 1 year apart
I love everything about it!  This week has been a little funny…I got called a “Runholic” and running has been the top conversational point in all of my circles it seems!

One special thing was, this week was my ‘official’ 1 year running anniversary.  I started running in June 2012 with my first 12WBT fitness test time trial.  But this week, 1 year ago, I completed my first fun run.  Apart from a couple of silly things a few years ago, Bridge to Brisbane 2012 was my first official event, first fun run and the first time I ran 5km without stopping.  But more importantly, it was the first time I believed in myself as a runner.  Prior to this day I could only run for 1km – which at the time was a huge enough deal for me!  But a friend said to me “if you can run for 1km, you can run for 2km.”  I blew that out of the water that day and did run my first 2km ---- plus another 3km! ….The whole 5km.  This day is what kicked off my running.  It made me
On the top of Mt Ngun Ngun
believe that I could do it.

So, Bridge to Brisbane (B2B) rolled around again – 1 year on.  It wasn’t the 1 year thing that was too important, what was really special about this day was a promise I made myself. Last year I was petrified about the event, about running in public, about EVERYTHING. I wore about 6 bras, crop tops and jackets to keep the jiggling down, despite it being a warm day.  You can tell in the photo above that I could hardly move, I was wearing that many layers! ;)  I was anxious and afraid and didn't know what to expect. As I sat on the bus on the way to the start line of the 5km event, I looked outside and saw the 10km runners running past the bus. At that very moment, I promised myself that the next year, I would be one of the 10km runners.

At the start of Bridge to Brisbane
I've been running 10km's since January and have done a couple of half marathons and a stack of events in that time, but still, to do 10km at this years B2B was still so special to me. Because I promised that anxious girl last year that I would. 

And I did :)  I got to the start line of the 10km event "with the 10km runners", was not anxious, was NOT wearing 6 layers (in fact the middle of my back was a bit exposed - talk about change), I knew what to expect, I smiled instead of crying and I ran it. I didn't almost have to grab the paramedics because I felt I couldn't breathe like last year. I just ran. I had the hugest smile to myself when I ran past where I had been on the bus last year, looking out at
where I wanted to be. Best feeling ever. :)  And it was the perfect running anniversary!
Number 5...of 9!

I did another fun run the day before, just a 3km with my beautiful friend Courtney.  It was a little different to B2B – this one had just 9 runners!  We were numbers 5 and 6!  Very different compared to the 40,000 participants in B2B the next day!  So funny.  Also on the weekend I climbed a Glasshouse Mountain!  Just like the goal I set myself!  This was my Week 3 challenge for myself.  It was amazing.  I had a dozen awesome friends also doing it, so the company was great and the view was spectacular.  I am so glad I got to do this.

Anyway – since then things have gone a little bit nuts……two very special friends of mine, Greg and Ruth, and I made a promise that we would run next years Gold Coast full marathon!  I thought I may as well start in my home state before tackling Boston or New York :P  But yes – we have made this promise.  Running a full marathon is something I knew was there but I wouldn’t allow myself to properly consider until I’d run my first half.  Did that!  So a marathon is next!  I am SO excited!

But what I’m also excited about is this.  Ruth set up a Facebook page for us, that people can
The beautiful Court and me
‘Like’ and follow our journey.  We’ve had some great support on it but the coolest thing is that we have all of these people wanting to join us!  The Gold Coast Marathon has a full marathon, a half marathon, a 10km and a 5.7km event (as well as a Junior Dash).  Heaps of our friends have put their hands up, saying that they too want to do one of the events.  Many of these people are from the awesome 30+ Crew or doing 12WBT and they’ve started pledging that they will do either the full, half, 10 or 5.7.  It’s amazing and has blown us away.  All these runners are appearing – it’s like a movement of sorts…a running movement…the best kind!

Jumping on a mountain!
What inspires me about this is that each of these people are making these pledges as a calculated goal.  They’ve thought it out and, bravely determined, have said “yes, I will do that.”  Each one has a different story, a different reason for making it their goal, a different distance.  The distance isn’t important – what is, is that they’re putting their hands up, backing themselves and saying “I will do this.”  It’s kickstarting a few of my friends, getting them excited again, by making goals and planning.  This is really exciting!  Please feel free to join us – the Facebook page is here and you’ll find some of the pledges on one of the recent posts.  It’s going to be an amazing weekend and an equally as amazing 10 months to get ready.

Because...I never thought I could
A couple of people asked me this week why I run.  I only had to think for a moment.  I got this shirt from Suncorp Run Positive for the B2B.  It’s so cool, they printed personalised singlets for anyone who joined their team!  This was my reason for running: because I never thought I could.  It’s not that I never believed I could – if I want to do something I’m pretty bloody determined.  But I just never imagined, or dreamed that I would be able to.  It never crossed my mind.  School girl Kate decided I wasn’t an athlete or runner, so it never happened.  But if you dare to dream, and plan, and most importantly, TRY, you can do practically anything.  The other
main reason is simply, because, I love it.  I get a rush from it.  I love that I don’t need anything fancy for it.  I just need my shoes and open space.  There’s so many other things I’ve tried but they don’t give me what running does.  Body Pump makes me shield my face in class because I find myself physically rolling my eyes and I don't want to be rude.  Cycling makes me have dramatic crying breakdowns.  Obstacle courses make me feel like throwing a 2 year old planted feet tantrum.  These things don’t give me a rush or excite me.  Big goals should take your breath away.  And if they don’t, keep searching until you find something that does.  And then work your backside off until you achieve it.

Respect, value, nourish, believe in and work towards your goals. They CAN come true. You may be sitting on the bus looking out today, but next year you can be anywhere you dream of. It doesn't have to be running..........It simply has to be something you believe in. Honour your goals. You've all they've got.

Bring on the Gold Coast 2014. :)

My friends who climbed Mt Ngun Ngun with me!

The start of Ngun!

This is where we heard this strange noise - it sounded like a volcano erupting!  Now these mountains are old volcanos so it was a bit disturbing when you're halfway up one and hear this noise! :)

It's like Picnic at Hanging Rock but with women wearing pink...

The view blew me away

Helppppppppppp! lol

Court and I arriving at Saturday's fun run with 7 minutes to spare, the 7 minutes included a much needed toilet break and to register!  We were laughing while running from the car as we were so late - but there's always time for a selfie!

And yes, always time for a selfie mid run ;)

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  1. Beautifully written Kate & a pleasure to read. I just love your positivity, that's what inspires so many people x