Monday, 3 June 2013

I can see the light!

(If I look really really closely).

Ok not really.

But I can see that I will soon!

Let me explain.

On Saturday I went to visit a friend in hospital. On my way out I had to go to the bathroom. After I washed my hands I saw something in the mirror........I'd just come from training so was wearing tights. As I stood there, I realised that if I stood with my legs slightly apart, there was a very special and welcoming curve of my inner thighs!

Do you know what I mean? I don't know what it's called because I've never ever had one.
You have to look really really closely! There IS a hole!
But I do know that on non-overweight girls, they have a gap between their legs, right at the very top. My thighs have personally always just squished together like unsmoothed pizza dough meets playdough. There aint no light shining through mine!

But, if I stood with my legs ever so slightly apart, there was a tiny gap of light! And my thighs did this curvy thing! Don't get me wrong, I don't have 'the light' yet, it's still total Squishy Dough Land at the moment, buuuuut for the first time I can see my thighs changing shape and I can see how 'the light gap' will work when I lose more weight. Woo! A bit exciting :) And weird. Yes, I know. But still exciting :)

Unfortunately Miss Clutz here, because I was so intent on marvelling at my almost there gap and trying to take a good selfie of it, I didn't realise that my non screwed tight water bottle had tipped over in my handbag and was dripping throughout my bag and onto the floor. A lady walked in a moment later, to find me staring at myself spreading my legs apart, then manically changing to throwing masses of paper towel onto the floor to dry the water up, making it look like I'd had an unfortunate accident. And in this process it wet inside my camera, which is now officially broken.  So my thigh selfie shoot was interrupted.

BUT I can see what the light will look like soon, and that is really cool. I've never been so excited about a gap between my legs before. ;) 



  1. I love this, and I don't really think that there IS a proper name for that gap but that's AWESOME! Go you :) (and sorry about your phone!)

  2. Oh Kate, I snorted I laughed so hard. But ... I know EXACTLY what you mean. I have been guilty myself of prancing in the big bathroom mirror at work. Love it.


  3. I think it is wrong that I read this post and looked at that photo. Doubt I should be, but well done Kate, just shows you what hard work will do for you. Not sure what the male equivalent is but I will find it. Maybe it is not having boobs.

  4. It is called a box gap beautiful girl!